Apiphany Design Launch!

TL;DR: I’m finally launching a store to sell my designs!! Check it out at www.apiphanydesign.com and @apiphanydesign on insta and facebook!   

It’s been a while since my last post because I’ve been working on an exciting new project which I’m finally ready to share. I’m finally launching my very own webstore to sell my designs!

The first product I designed was originally a sculpture I made for Tiff for Valentine’s Day—it’s a little plastic sculpture that says “love” and has this magic-like floating element attached. The first prototype was rough—I used thin copper wire to provide tension, but have since upgraded to using nearly invisible nylon since then, and have created several iterations.

I’m also incredibly excited about my 2nd product line available at launch—I’m going to be making a series of minimalist line drawing sculptures. The first design I’ve got ready to go is this shiba inu, but I’m in the process of finalizing a husky version next, and then I’ve got a couple more ideas that’ll be ready for Mother’s Day 😉

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