Bellossom Print

TL;DR: I created Bellossom model and have sliced it in a few different ways to print. There are two planter versions (one with and one without flowers) and one which is a figurine (no holes). I really like the light green material I have… let me know if you’re interested in buying one ;).

In my Oddish planter post last month (sorry I’ve been busy), I gave a sneak peak of my next project and am finally delivering on it. Bellossom has a much more complex shape than Oddish, and it was fun to use the Sculpting menu along with the Body Boolean Combine menu (cut, join, intersect), move/copy, and patterning tools in Fusion 360.

Seriously, using multiple bodies and the Boolean tools was a real light bulb moment for me. For instance, I needed to create a shell in the head of the model in order to use it as a planter. With the multiple body design paradigm in mind, I used full cylindrical-ish shapes for the centers of Bellossom’s head flowers. Initially, part of the flowers were visible through the wall of the shell, but I used the main head as the cutting tool to slice the flower body into separate pieces—one outside the head and one inside, allowing me to easily remove the undesired inner portion.

Although I created a full model including flower dress, I’ve focused on printing bust versions for now… Honestly, I am dreading the support removal process for the full figure. Practically though, I have the excuse that the shape of the full figure body is not ideal to use as a planter.

Enough boring you guys, here’s the good stuff… the gallery:

Next up, I’m going to be making a Lotad spill tray sized such that Oddishes can sit on them :D. I promise it will take me less than a month to get that line up and running ;).

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