Baking Pusheen in Clay

On Ian’s birthday, a few months ago, Cathy and I got into an argument about artistic skills. We entered a competition to create the best “Baking Pusheen” in any medium we chose for Darrin, who would bake the winner macaroons. We originally agreed to a time frame of 3 weeks to completion, but Cathy has basically chickened out and pushed the deadline back further and further. Oh well.

Here’s what I made… wasn’t able to take process pictures this time because my hands were too dirty for the sculpture portion, and I just forgot during the decoration/finishing phase.

I used boneware self hardening clay, a paper towel roll, and a sharpie for Pusheen’s body; a paper towel tape and printer paper to make her hat; and super sculpey for her rolling pin. The most challenging part of this project was keeping her hollow body structurally together before she was dried. I made her hollow to make her weigh less and dry evenly to avoid cracks.

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