Sacred Valley

Ugh. Today was my first actually crappy day while on vacation. I had a full day Sacred Valley Tour, and it was really terrible. We were supposed to stop at three historic sites but only made it to two. At the two we did make it to, we were incredibly rushed (45 min) and barely got to see anything. We wasted over an hour at these two BS markets, which could have been much better utilized exploring the sites. Lunch was also super overpriced. 10/10 would not recommend. #nothappy

If I could do today all over, I would have taken a bus or taxi to the sites in the Sacred Valley (Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero) and just explored everything at my own pace. Bleh. Unfortunately, I had already booked a half day tour of Moray and the Salt Mines with the same tour company (Viajes Cusco) for tomorrow. I am sort of regretting it now, but there’s nothing to be done. Oh well.

The good news for tomorrow is that the partial tourist ticket I bought for 70 soles today will still be valid and will grant me access to Moray. Admission to the salt mines is only 7 soles, so in the very worst case, I’ll only be out half a day and 42 soles.

At least I got some decent pictures of today…

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