Peruvian Preview

Ach! I really wanted today to be a triple posting day to make up for the dearth of posts over the last few days. The three posts I had in mind were: 1) Summary of Belize with Travel Tips, photos, and videos; 2) Recap of Khang and Kathryn’s wedding in Indiana; and 3) The Peruvian Preview and my Packing List (this post). Unfortunately, last minute preparations took a bit longer than expected, but I have a ton of travel time ahead of me so hopefully will get at least the text done for the other two posts 🙂

My current plans for Peru are:
– to arrive in Cuzco on 7/30,
– check into the Pariwana hostel I booked for 2 nights to fight off altitude sickness
– book a 3 or 4 day tour to Macchu Pichu
– avoid catching any other ailments
– play everything else by ear

Current Peruvian Trip Status:

    Flight status: checked in
    Carry-on Bags: two.
    Spanish level: poor.
    Departure Time: too soon.
    Total Travel Time: BRUTAL. (~24 hours door-to-door ORD -> TPA -> MIA -> LIM -> CUZ)
    Currently feeling – restless, slightly terrified, but excited.
All my stuff for 2-weeks in Peru!
All my stuff for 2-weeks in Peru!

Packing List (roughly from left-to-right, top-to-bottom):

    Snacks (~16 energy bars)
    Water Bottle (1x 1L Nalgene)
    Zip Lock Bags (4 Gallon, 4 Quart)
    Trusty Black Duffel Bag
    Toilet Paper (1 double roll)
    Dry Bag
    Deuter 45L Backpack
    Small Notebook
    Latin American Spanish Phrasebook
    100% DEET Bug Spray
    Small Tooth Paste
    SPF 50 sunscreen
    Basic First Aid Kit
    Anti-Diarrhea Medicine
    Contact Solution
    Liquid Soap
    Anti-Nausea Medicine (dromamine)
    Hand Sanitizer
    Daily Allergy Medicines
    Iodide water purification and taste correcting tablets
    Contacts case
    Extra Contacts
    Retainer Case
    Microfiber Towel
    Dental Floss
    Baby Wipes
    Cheap Razor
    Bathroom Bag
    Mini Running Fanny Pack
    Notebook with Pen and Pencil
    Electronics Chargers
    Kindle Keyboard
    Trusty Netbook
    Netbook Case
    Hiking Shoes
    Flip Flops
    Jeans (1 pair)
    Convertible Hiking Pants (1pair)
    Warm Jacket
    Tank tops (3x)
    Swimming Trunks
    Athletic Shorts (1x)
    Polo Tops (2x)
    T-Shirts (2x)
    Wool Hiking Socks (5 pairs)
    Shorts (3x)
    Boxer Briefs (5 pairs)
    Thermal Tights (1x long pants, 1x long shirt, 2x t-shirt)

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