Flight Review

Fair warning, this is gonna be a rant, but writing angry emotions out like this is fun and hopefully it’ll be entertaining to read too. Nothing drives the willingness of people to write stuff online like a bad experience. On Saturday morning, I flew from SF to Chi with Southwest. The airport, airline, crew and aircraft were all great—in fact I got a super legroomy window seat on this brand new 737 (800 series I think). The only bad part of the row I was in was the fact that the seats didn’t recline… but the extra legroom plus window seat more than made up.

PAX South

Winter storm Juno hasn’t quite hit Boston yet, despite the predictions calling for her wrath last night. It’s fine by me, and figure a good chance for me to write about my more recent travels. Early last week I was in SF for an interview, I flew back to Boston and then flew out to San Antonio for the first ever PAX South.

Salt Mines and Moray Ruins

Today is my last full day in Peru. It’s kind of a bummer that it is raining right now in Cusco since I wanted to go hike up to the Jesus statue at the top of town. It’s a bit too wet, slick, and cold for me to make the trek in my semi-sick state. It is alright though, because it didn’t rain during my half day tour, and it was a lot better than I was expecting.

Day 2 in Peru

Today was a pretty relaxing day. Nothing on the schedule except for planning/booking activities for the next few days and a beer pong tournament at the hostel. I spent the majority of the day reading my kindle, thinking, and enjoying the nice weather out in Plaza de Armas. (more…)

First Day in Peru

I absolutely had a terrible flight itinerary to get here. I flew from ORD -> TPA -> MIA -> LIM -> CUZ ~24 hours door to door. The worst part is I know that I grossly overpaid for the tickets (~$1200) since at the time of my booking, I could have gotten late August tickets for like $600 >.<. For me though, the money wasn't the biggest crunch factor--it was the dates. At the time of booking, I didn't think I could do more than 2 weeks, plus I wanted to get back to the real world. (more…)

Peruvian Preview

Ach! I really wanted today to be a triple posting day to make up for the dearth of posts over the last few days. The three posts I had in mind were: 1) Summary of Belize with Travel Tips, photos, and videos; 2) Recap of Khang and Kathryn’s wedding in Indiana; and 3) The Peruvian Preview and my Packing List (this post). (more…)

The Travels Continue

After getting home at about 2am last night, Sophia and I made a 3 hour drive down to UIUC in the afternoon. I’m crashing w/ our cousins Adam and Abraham, while she is staying w/ some friends from school.

Sophia really wanted to come down to hang out with her friends, and the timing worked out really well because I have Khang and Kathryn’s wedding this weekend. Urbana is pretty much the halfway point between home and New Harmony (where the wedding is), but this way I get to split the 5-6 hour drive across 2 days instead of one. Plus I now I’m not in the car on my own either.

Last Days in Belize

I can hardly Belize that an entire week passed by so quickly. Our last two days (one full, one half) went by especially fast, with back-to-back snorkel trips (and seasickness for both me and Sophia) on one, and a full twelve hours of travel on the other. The majority of this post was composed while sitting on a turbulent airplane ride full of screaming kids traveling from IAH to ORD, so I would not be surprised if I am a bit more cynical than usual >.<. Also, I have tons of photos and videos, but will add them in a separate update because I don't have them ready for upload yet. (more…)