The Travels Continue

After getting home at about 2am last night, Sophia and I made a 3 hour drive down to UIUC in the afternoon. I’m crashing w/ our cousins Adam and Abraham, while she is staying w/ some friends from school.

Sophia really wanted to come down to hang out with her friends, and the timing worked out really well because I have Khang and Kathryn’s wedding this weekend. Urbana is pretty much the halfway point between home and New Harmony (where the wedding is), but this way I get to split the 5-6 hour drive across 2 days instead of one. Plus I now I’m not in the car on my own either.

I am still having some issues with extracting screencaps because the videos are too high quality for my 5 year old netbook to handle. I am aware that I still owe updated photos and videos from Belize, and they will get done once I regain access to a more powerful machine 🙂

Down here at UIUC, we met up with Adam and Abe to get dinner. The first place we went to was Pizza M. We ordered a Margherita Pizza and something called “The Kitchen Sink” which was just a chef’s choice. The food itself was pretty decent, the kitchen sink basically ended up being a breakfast pizza with sausage, bacon, eggs, and olives on top.


This place was probably the most hipster restaurant I have ever been to though. It was actually kind of uncomfortable. They had all jars in lieu of real cups, a sprawling and disorganized looking selection of brews and wines, an ad for “bring your own vinyl night”, and clearly very hipster clientele. These were not like nice hipsters either. They were the stereotype of uppity better-than-thou hipsters. My cousins and I clearly didn’t belong (Sophia is kind of a hipster), but we kept on getting mean-mugged and got dirty looks.

It is a shame cause I actually thought their flavor combinations on the menu looked really interesting, but the rest of the environment really detracted from the experience for me.

There were four of us, we killed two whole pizzas, and were still hungry afterwards, so we needed to go get a second dinner. We decided on Don Juan aka Mas Amigos (recent name change). I got a 3 taco meal which was super cheap and satisfying. The chips and salsa were really outstanding, but I was pretty neutral on the actual meal itself.


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