Soylent Experiment Day 2

Soylent Day 2

I am a bit surprised at how much skepticism I’ve gotten on facebook about Soylent… Today was my second day eating it, and my first full day consuming nothing but Soylent. I didn’t realize that I was under-eating yesterday until this morning, when I poured my breakfast. There was clearly much more than 1/3 leftover… which definitely helps to explain why I was getting so hungry in between meals yesterday. I was definitely better at partitioning out proper portions. I personally don’t mind the original flavor, but I actually enjoyed the taste after I added chocolate protein powder to the mix.

For those who still remain unconvinced, I have compiled a list of the best uses of Soylent:

Soylent Experiment Day 1

Soylent Day 1

I ordered a month’s supply of Soylent a long time ago, but have always had a lot of food in my fridge which prevented me from really trying to subsist solely on Soylent. For those who don’t know, Soylent is a powder which is meant to provide 100% of daily nutrition. Even though I’m not going to be able to eat only Soylent for this first week because I’ve got dinner plans with friends, I figured it is better to just start doing it.

Meatloaf Noms

Okay, so I got many more likes than I originally anticipated for my picture of my first meatloaf attempt. I figured it may be helpful to share the recipe I used. The thing is though, meatloaf is pretty flexible so you can more or less use whatever you have in your fridge. As usual, I wanted to do something that was simple and didn’t take a lot of hands-on time.

Chicken Bake Noms

For the past few years, whenever I have visited home, my mom has stuffed my luggage with frozen food like Zhongzi or homemade sausages. The last time I was at home was the first week of September, so I haven’t really needed to cook for the last month.

I wanted to make something really easy, so I went with a basic chicken bake. It was like 10 minutes of prep, and 1.5 hours of cooking (mostly because my chicken breasts were still partially frozen).



    – 1.5lb Chicken Breasts
    – 1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup
    – 1 Bottle Black Ale
    – 1/4 Stick Butter
    – 1/3lb Frozen Vegetables
    – Bread Crumbs
    – Spices (thyme, garlic powder, pepper, salt, etc.)
    – Pam Spray

Making it was super easy:
– Preheat oven to 350F
– Spray 13×9 pan with Pam
– Place chicken breasts and half of the vegetables into pan
– Add spices to chicken
– Add cream of chicken on top
– Add more vegetables and spices
– Pour 2/3 of the beer into the pan (drink the rest)
– Put butter onto chicken
– Add bread crumbs
– Bake for ~1.5 hours

I was a bit concerned because my chicken was still a bit frozen. I put a meat thermometer into the chicken and just checked up on it every half hour or so to make sure the meat stayed juicy. It didn’t end up being the prettiest looking meal, but it still smelled good and tested better.

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The Travels Continue

After getting home at about 2am last night, Sophia and I made a 3 hour drive down to UIUC in the afternoon. I’m crashing w/ our cousins Adam and Abraham, while she is staying w/ some friends from school.

Sophia really wanted to come down to hang out with her friends, and the timing worked out really well because I have Khang and Kathryn’s wedding this weekend. Urbana is pretty much the halfway point between home and New Harmony (where the wedding is), but this way I get to split the 5-6 hour drive across 2 days instead of one. Plus I now I’m not in the car on my own either.

Hey Buddy

I think I have discovered my new favorite phrase. We left the dock today at 6:45am and were greeted by our tour guide Devin from Seaduced by Belize adventure tours with a cheery “Hey buddy” in a thick creole accent. I must have heard “Hey buddy”, “Yo buddy”, or just plain “buddy” about a hundred times today between all of the people we met while cave tubing and zip lining today but it never ceased to bring a smile to my face.