Soylent Experiment Day 2

Soylent Day 2

I am a bit surprised at how much skepticism I’ve gotten on facebook about Soylent… Today was my second day eating it, and my first full day consuming nothing but Soylent. I didn’t realize that I was under-eating yesterday until this morning, when I poured my breakfast. There was clearly much more than 1/3 leftover… which definitely helps to explain why I was getting so hungry in between meals yesterday. I was definitely better at partitioning out proper portions. I personally don’t mind the original flavor, but I actually enjoyed the taste after I added chocolate protein powder to the mix.

For those who still remain unconvinced, I have compiled a list of the best uses of Soylent:

> When you’re too busy to plan/pack full meals
> Leaving some at the office in case you forget to bring lunch
> Fast breakfast substitute on the go
> Cure world hunger (cheap, nutritious)
> Serve in homeless shelters (cheap, nutritious)
> Help during natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc)
> Use in space exploration (easy to transport, nonperishable)
> Zombie apocalypse (duh).

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