Soylent Experiment Day 1

Soylent Day 1

I ordered a month’s supply of Soylent a long time ago, but have always had a lot of food in my fridge which prevented me from really trying to subsist solely on Soylent. For those who don’t know, Soylent is a powder which is meant to provide 100% of daily nutrition. Even though I’m not going to be able to eat only Soylent for this first week because I’ve got dinner plans with friends, I figured it is better to just start doing it.

I’m going to be easing into the routine relatively slowly. Today I’m only eating 2 soylent meals because I’m going to a birthday dinner tonight, but I’ll be on 100% Soylent on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by 2/3 on Thursday and 2/3 on Friday.

Day 1 Summary: I think I’m going to need to add protein powder or something to my future mixes. I am initially satisfied, but am getting hungry pretty quickly afterwards. The taste of Soylent is pretty neutral to slightly pleasant (a bit reminiscent of oatmeal), while the texture was a bit weird at first, but ended up being ok.

I definitely found myself drinking more water to fill myself up.

Day 1 Meal Log:
9:45am – “ate breakfast”; was satisfied initially
10:42am – a bit hungry, but nothing too bad.
11:19am – starting to get hungry… Drank some water to help hold out until at least noon.
12:07pm – drank lunch, drank a second cup of water afterwards to rinse off cup and be more filling.
5:30pm – drank a small bit of Soylent (~4 oz) before dinner because I was too hungry

Soylent Setup:
I initially ordered a month’s supply of Soylent and received one huge box and a small box. The small box had a 2L pitcher and serving scoop in it and the huge box turned out to be four boxes, each with a week’s supply of Soylent powder and oils.

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I was actually pretty impressed with the pitcher itself. It feels really solid and well made, which is important because it needs to withstand vigorous shaking. The powder took up about half of the container’s volume, which made it easy to pour in the correct amount of water. The powder dissolved much more easily than I expected, but I did need to spend a min or two extra to make sure a stubborn clump at the bottom of the container got mixed in properly.

Here’s my first taste reaction video:

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